Medieval castle rooms to stay and sleep in Germany

There are tourists that aim to experience how locals live, party and have fun. They blow up their cash on clubs, parties, booze and everything that goes along with that. Nothing bad, a matter of taste. Then there are tourists that enjoy sightseeing, visiting museums and cultural monuments, taking pre organized trips with guides, ride the shuttle group busses and have it all taken care of. Finally there are tourists who enjoy experiencing the foreign atmosphere from a different angle. Getting off the beaten track and bringing back memories they could not have had otherwise. If you associate at least a small part of yourself with this third type of adventure seeker then you should definitely read on.


Putting everything into the context of this website’s topic, when visiting castles usually you get a hotel room in some larger city, then you travel to a castle of interest and at the end of the day you get back to your hotel room to enjoy a bubble bath and have a cocktail in the chill out lounge. But have you thought about combining both hotel room and a visit to a castle? Yes, that’s right. This is possible, because in Germany there are many castles that have been turned into hotels and hostels, offering you an authentic middle-age atmosphere combined with the commodities of modern society. And the coolest thing is that there are options for both people on a tight budget, as well as for those ready to buy themselves some high-end middle-aged luxury time. Let me jump straight to the point and give you some ideas.


Castle Hostels

Hostels in germany have an association called “Jugendherberge” which means “youth hostel” and in many of them you need to have a member card in order to visit. However if you are a foreigner, you are still able to book a room for up to 6 days and get a one year card at the reception of the hostel you are visiting. A nice place to look for is hihostels or try directly the german youth hostel association’s website.

Hostels certainly are the preferred accommodation for people unwilling to throw big money on hotels and fancy restaurants. The following prices may not be exact but will give you an idea what to expect. The range depends on the amount of meals per day included in your package. Here are some I chose to get you started:


Hostel Burg Stahleck

BurgStahleckNWis probably the most popular castle hostel in Germany and for that reason they are always full – so keep that in mind and book early. Located in Bacharach overseeing the river Rhine and having multiple other ancient remains including the famous Burg Rheinfels, makes this place a must in your checklist. Tons of stuff to do around there, definitely worth visiting. Prices start at 20 Euros and go up to 35 Eur (25-45 USD).

More info on the webpage of the german youth hostel association (jugendherberge) here.


Hostel Augustusburg

Augustusburg-Schloss-1might be a good starting point of exploring Dresden and it’s huge medieval and renaissance relics. 136 beds starting at around 15 Euro each and going up to 25 Euro (20-35 USD). However, there is a catch – they allow only members of the youth hostel association. Accompanying an adolescent might get you in though, as long as you have the same address registration as the youngling. Perhaps the best thing is to just call and ask them directly. Detailed contact information (look for “kontakt”) and image gallery you can find at the hostel’s homepage:

Hostel Burg Bilstein

Burg_BilsteinLocated in a relatively isolated area (nearest big city Dortmund lying at around 90 km northeast) this castle offers a lot of fun amongst the nature – hiking, cycling, swimming in the nearby Bigesee lake, etc. The castle is situated in a protected natural park and is best to visit in summer, when you can fully enjoy the outdoor activities the area has to offer. Beds range from 20-35 Euros (25-45 USD) and adults over 27 are also welcome. More info on their homepage here:


Hostel Altleiningen

Altleiningen 2Perfectly suited for families this hostel offers a playground, football (soccer) field and a grilling area. Prices are in the 20-30ish Euro range and there is an open swimming pool nearby if you are visiting in summer. Heidelberg with it’s awesome castle and atmosphere is located nearby so you could jump over for a daily trip. For more details and contact information check their webpage:


Hostel Windischleuba

WindischleubaSchloßIis targeted mostly towards musically oriented visitors. This may mean that you will be accompanied by a couple of choirs and orchestras during your stay. Located near Leipzig and Dresden, equipped with sauna, tennis table, grill area, and volleyball field the hostel may serve as a great starting point for some unforgettable daily trips or just be a nice place to chill in the evenings. Prices vary but stay in the 20ish Euro interval (25-40 USD). The floods in Germany this year seem to have damaged the castle-hostel and for that reason it is going to be closed until mid july. More info and contact information here:


Castle Hotels

Now the premium league with some luxury and not-so luxury castle hotels for your extraordinary vacation.


Burghotel auf Schönburg

Aerial_fg091overlooking the river Rhine with its amazing scenery and numerous colourful villages this hotel is a great place to start your daily trips in the area. The rooms are designed in a really really old school atmosphere and overall the place really delivers when it comes to atmosphere and ambience. Prices for a single room start at 120 Euro and go up to 165 Euro for a suite. Check the image gallery on their homepage so you get a better idea.


Schlosshotel Himmelsscheibe

Nebra_beim_schlosshotel_15.09.2012_15-10-10Himmelsscheibe is situated near Leipzig and is made of two parts – one is a normal hotel and the other one is the real castle hotel. So be careful what you book. The hotel originates from the 13th century so it definitely bring the spirit you are looking for. Rooms start at 39 Euro for a room and go up to 45 Euro per person during the high season. Further info on their website:


Hotel Castle Liebenstein

BurgLiebenstein02one of the many Rhine pearls, this hotel will offer you a nice and authentic experience. The legend behind it is about two brothers who tricked their blind sister when they were dividing their father’s inheritance and got the castle for themselves. Bad luck was chasing them ever since until the day when one of them shot and killed the other with an arrow. The last brother left for the holy lands and never returned. Bad luck does not follow visitors though and prices vary between 140 Eur and 240 Eur. More details on their website:


Schloss Hotel Hugenpoet

Hugenpoet-Herrenhaus-Suedfassadethe castle is located near Essen and Dortmund and was rebuilt in its current form during the 17th century after it was completely destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War. Today it offers 31 rooms decorated with massive wooden ornamented furniture with prices between 170 and 270 Euros per person. The hotel’s homepage is here:


Burg Colmberg

Burg_Colmberg_2this castle is located in Bavaria 80 km west from Nuremberg. Prepare for some stair climbing because they have no elevator. But hey, you wanted authentic experience, right? 🙂 Rooms start at 50 Euro and go up to 185 Euro for the Baroque Suite. Right outside the castle there is a golf field, so if you want to hit some balls you better visit in summer. The hotel’s website is


Schloss Wespenstein

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe castle is situated at the border between Thuringia and Bavaria and its origins go back in the 13th century. Prices are pretty neat varying between 28 Euro per person and 48 Euros for a double room. Rooms are nothing spectacular, but the overall atmosphere brings you a couple of centuries back in time.

The hotel’s website looks a bit as if it comes from before the middle ages, but nevertheless you can visit it here:


Burg Hohenstein

Burg_Hohenstein_05Located near Wiesbaden inside the western Taunus mountains this Castle is surrounded by forest and nature. The nearby river Rhine offers many additional points of interest for your unforgettable daily trip and the hotel itself is pretty authentic. Build in the 13th century this fortress still has its fortifications and hosts annual “gastle games” events in summer. Single and double rooms cost 50 and 90 Euros accordingly. Their website is


Schloss Sommersdorf

Schloss_Sommersdorfthe castle is located in the bavarian countryside and can well be used as a base for exploring the Romantic Road and the Castle Road. Your trip back in time is guaranteeed, because the hotel offers a really unique attraction, namely riding more than hundred years old retro cars on of which is a Cadilac from 1905. Prices vary between 70 and 140 Euros per room / suite and their website is:


Parkhotel Wasserburg Anholt

Burg-Anholt-Ostfassade-2012is situated literally at the border with Netherlands and offers unique and classy atmosphere. The castle is surrounded by water and there is a terrace extending in the water where you can have organized picnic. A nice garden belongs to it as well. Prices vary between 100 and 300 euros for rooms and suites. Their website is located at:


How about you?

So I think I offered something for everybody’s taste and wallet. If you have something to recommend, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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